About 2:30pm – watching the Phillies and nodding off.. 15 minutes in time…

About 2:30pm – watching the Phillies and nodding off..  15 minutes in time…

I recently allowed/encouraged a couple of my neighbors with kids to use the pool.  I have to work out rules… we get a knock on our door 3-4 times a day now.  Yesterday a family staying with a neighbor showed up -a father and two little girls – Cousins of the one family a couple of doors down.  Also along for the swim were 4 other neighborhood youngsters (6 all told), one with a large bowl of watermelon slices (seeds! Yikes!) sent over as a “thank you” from her mother.  . So I opened the gate to let the party begin.  The father was a bit chatty…maybe because he felt a little uncomfortable –not sure why.  He was quick to tell me his two little girls have an allergy – They turn RED when they get cold.  He made it clear to me that they were given this allergy by their mother and NOT by him.  As soon as we got pool side he insisted that his youngest (4-5 year old) get into a float and begin to “have fun”… Ever try to force a child into water?  – Not a good idea.  Meanwhile, the oldest (6) was turning bright red – “SEE, I told you.  Look at that!” he says to me.  I said “gee..” and then the 4 year old vomits.  The little boy, eating a piece of watermelon, yells –“Hey this watermelon smells like puke!”  and turned this little ditty into a song while running around the pool.  The girls in the pool freak at the site of the little one’s expulsions, screaming like only little girls can at the top of their lungs… So I went into the house to get some paper towels and a washcloth to begin cleaning up.  When I came back the little boy was still singing his song, the girls had run off, the father was consoling his one daughter and apologizing at the same time.  

A few moments of cleanup and the girls returned announcing that the neighbor across the street (with an above ground pool) had invited all of them to her house to enjoy their pool as well as treats and lemonade.  “Like the wind” they are ALL gone… As I stood there looking at the vomit, the many scattered watermelon seeds and enjoying the numbness of this new silence, I noticed something in the bottom of the pool “No it’s not what you’re thinking” – it was only my BLACKBERRY!!!!!

Agggghhh… I need a nap…..

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