Saturday June 30th- 4 minutes –

Saturday June 30th– 4 minutes –


I like 10ks better then 5ks – 10ks allows me to settle in to a comfortable pace – 5ks seem like am trying to go all out the entire race.  After a month of nursing a calf injury, I decided to run a 10k in Medford Lakes.  Hot. 90+ degrees..  Shaded on the way out but full sun on the way back in. No breeze.  Tough run. 


About the 4.5 mile mark a young lady pulled up alongside me – Involuntarily my chest expanded, my tummy shrunk and I felt a little adrenaline.  She seemed fresh and strong – Certain to pass me without too much effort. (BTW -am use to this). 


Some runners chat, some don’t.  She said hello and we both commented on the heat and its effect on the race.  She too was coming off an injury and said she had found a terrific pre-race ritual that has “saved” her as well as given her the added energy to finish strong.  “WOW!” I said, “so what is it?”  She was quick to volunteer “HOT Yogart!” – A short pause in the conversation for me to come to grips with this.  Man, am thinking …I gotta try this.  “So, where’d you hear this and doesn’t it upset your stomach? “   Without any stress in her reply…“A couple of my running buddies have been doing this for years and they swear by it and “No” it does not upset my stomach.”  (Am struggling to keep up) – “Ok thanks for the TIP – Finish strong” I said.   She’s pulling away and as she does, it gives me a moment to think about what she was saying.  I just can’t get my head around “HOT Yogart” before a race….”Hey, You mean HOT YOGA, Right?”  Yeah she says over her shoulder.   Boy, am I glad I cleared that up…..

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