Maget (Margret Nelson Wuchter) lives with us.  She is a strong swede, born February  1924 – not quite Valentine’s day but close enough. She was raised on a farm in Illinois.  90+.  Maget – Pronounced “Ma Jet” – a nickname given to her by my wife Susan, her daughter, an angel born of an angel.

Maget  has been with us the pass #s of  years ever since Al, her husband of 59 years passed.  Laughter dominates her disposition, which I credit to her longevity.   A conversation with Maget will include a number of  topics.   The weather – she tells us  the forecast first thing every morning.   We call this “Accu-Maget”.     The Mail – did it come yet?  especially Thursdays when her People magazine is due to arrive.  The Phillies.. What channel is the game on…And upon returning from my daily run – “Well how did it go?”



Maget  has a routine that  helps the clocks in our house stay focused.  Three meals each day. Never missed one since she has been with us.  She will tell us that each meal is the  best she has ever had and will occasionally break into tears telling Sue how fortunate she is…(FYI- How fortunate we are to have her) – Breakfast maybe the highlight meal because bacon is served on a regular basis.. Don’t dare get to close to her plate, she is “food aggressive”  and will tell you she “…can’t talk right now – it’s time to eat”.

Crossword puzzles dominate the time between meals.  She’ll complete the Philadelphia Inquirer’s puzzle right after breakfast and then another half dozen before the end of the day.  I have “NEVER” heard her say a bad thing about anyone – She often completes her thoughts with a giggle.  At night we can hear her whispering her prayers before she goes to bed.

We are so so very fortunate to have her in our lives…….


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3 Responses to Maget!!

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful! xox


  2. JT says:

    Well said…

    These words real grabbed me- “a routine that helps the clocks in our house stay focused” and “food aggressive.” Three meals each day.

    Spot on and very clever…

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