The Ring……and then some

“The Ring” and then some…

Sue and I exchanged wedding bands when we were married.   Mine ended up being too small.  It would not fit over my knuckle without applying warm soapy water.  So we visited a jeweler in town and inquired as to whether the ring could be enlarged.   “Yes” said the very nice woman behind the counter – She insisted on a size she felt certain would be perfect for my problem.  I insisted it be larger.   It became a battle of wills which I refused to loose and so the ring was enlarged (and then some) to fit over my knuckle.  It slid on and off to well.

Over time/age the circumference of my fingers reduced.   This only exasperated the problem, relegating the ring to the top draw of our bedroom night table.  I felt bad about this because I know Sue likes to see me wearing the ring.  Especially if we are socializing.   I empathized with her feelings knowing all the while that with or without the ring on my finger, I loved her no less than humanly possible (and then some).

On occasion I would try to please her by sliding the ring on with the hopes of it not literately flying off my finger without me knowing it.   One evening we made plans to meet up with very good friends for a summer evening meal in Collingswood.  I put the ring on…..

All was well until the second bottle of wine was nearing an end and I needed to visit the men’s room.  This particular restaurant had only co-ed restrooms.  This particular restroom’s lock did not work.  Well, you guessed it, the ring came flying off while I was washing my hands.  I heard it hit the floor (Thank the heavens!).  Oh, I forgot to mention that I am very farsighted.  Coke bottled Walgreens reading glasses are strewn around our house.  I left them at our table.  So I get down on my knees and try my best to find “the ring” .  Am on all fours when the door opens and a young lady appears.  I can only imagine what she was thinking….Her surprise and retreat happened quickly.  I continued an unsuccessful search, finally retreating back to our table in somewhat of a panic.  At our table I explained what happened to exaggerated expressions of disbelief…which soon turned into laughter.

No way can I leave without retrieving the ring in the restroom so I grabbed my coke glasses and enlisted my friend to guard the broken lock door.  The ring was retrieved!!  Upon my return to our table, I did get a small applause from a couple of nearby diners who were enjoying my perils.

“The Ring” is back in the our bedroom night table, where it will remain…..

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