Running and being a gentleman…

The female form is beautiful – it’s even more beautiful when in motion.  I don’t think this is sexist – I think it’s the truth.

But I cringe at the notion of a female runner having to “endure” the cowardly actions/catcalls of a few not-so-gentlemanly males.  I can only imagine while running alone and being subjected to this behavior must be like. …. Dollars to donuts the perpetrators have never laced up running shoes for anything other than to get from their car to the bar and back…The catcalls can’t come from runners … they know and share the admiration one runner has for the other regardless of gender.  If there are calls they come in the form of encouragement.  Am saddened by this…but also angry… cowards….

It is different for males it seems.. Full disclosure… I’ve been spit on and the recipient of the proverbial snot-rocket (both unintentional – I hope anyway).   I’ve had soda/beer cans thrown at me (Mostly back in the 70’s), run off the road by drivers who, I can only guess, were trying to reclaim the road as their own.  Told to get a job…Chased AND bitten by dogs.  And propositioned by both genders –

Whenever my son and I are together, we always part with the phrase “Be a Gentleman”.  Not sure how this started, but it has lasted a long time.  I guess it was my subliminal effort to implant a respect for his female counter parts.  He’s 35 now and soon to be a father himself.  Raising children in a tough time.  Each generation has their own moral evolutions. He is a gentleman…not a runner, but certainly a gentleman.

I think if these cowards, the ones leaning out of their cars excreting catcalls, would lace up a pair of running shoes and head out for a 3, 5, 10 mile run… afterwards, when they see that lone female runner running in the park, they may have an altogether different reaction…

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2 Responses to Running and being a gentleman…

  1. golddh says:

    Well said, Amen.

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  2. Frank K. says:

    It seems gentlemanly behavior may be out of style. On a similar vein, though, I was once yelled at to ” put some clothes on” while going on a run through Camden and over the Ben Franklin bridge. That caught me off guard, but gave me a laugh.

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