Mia moments

My Beautiful four year old Granddaughter

Mia Simone



At a family backyard BBQ the other day, Mia was sent inside for a “timeout” . After being inside for awhile, came outside seemingly preoccupied with where she left off playing.  I asked her “..where were you Mia?”  – She answered in a matter of fact way,  -..”time out..I was in time out..” again preoccupied with where she left off playing before the sentencing.. “…So what did you do?” .  Answer..” I wasn’t a good listener..i do that sometimes..”



This beautiful picture belies it’s true self… Mia looks the picture of beauty and grace (and she is…)  but the conversation went like this… “Gran, smell my feet…”  What? Smell my feet I just put lip balm on them and they smell so good…”


I was working, hunched over the computer, bare chested.  Mia came up from behind and reached under my right arm decreeing loudly ..”Gran, you have a boobi!”  Going forward I will always wear a shirt when am at the computer

4 not 5

A while back, Mia looked at me as if she had something very important to tell me.  “Gran, I am tired of being 4 – I want to be 5 now…”


Rain Walks

I took Mia out for a walk in the rain.  She says hello to everyone and anyone –  When there are children involved, she has often suggested that “…maybe one day  we can have a play date together”.  So, while walking past a neighbor’s house, I wasn’t surprised that she said hello but I melted when she then said .” Can you hear that… when the rain hits the leaves it sounds like people clapping”….

Nature Walks

Mia and I will go on nature walks together.  Its fun for both of us and it provides a setting for conversations…  mia chips

On a recent walk Mia sat down next to a tree which had been trimmed and had a pile of wood chips around it.  “Look Gran ..Chip Monks!!”… She knew she made a joke and we laughed the rest of the day about it.

my gran

mia pic of gran

This was hanging in her pre-school classroom.  I had a poster made of it and it now hangs in my home office.  Nothing could be more important to me.

apron Mia PiMia’s sister is Penelope.  A beautiful child and a firecracker as well.  Penelope is blossoming!  Here are both girls outside their mothers store in late November this year

Mia is an “Old Soul” –  You can see it in her smiling eyes. She is a very happy child, a product of her very loving parents. I love her very much!

I am not surprised she reminds me of my daughter when she was little.

Mia finally turn 5 in November and now is looking forward to 6…….



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4 Responses to Mia moments

  1. Jim Brennan says:

    She’s a cutie. You are a lucky man.


  2. Brittany says:

    Oh my, this is too cute!


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