Some random thoughts from a now senior citizen (who votes) about current issues

Some random thoughts from a now senior citizen (who votes) about current issues – This is a way for me to think thru my own thoughts on current issues – Please know that my thoughts and comments are not made with the intent to “bash” or to incite..

I think we are at a point in history where we are trying to figure out “who we are” as a country…The older I get the more I reach back into history to try to understand where and why we are where we are today..Recent history (75 years) can tell us a lot about who we are.  For some this is just someone else’s memory and not relevant to today.  If ever there were a time for history lessons, it certainly seems that now is a good time.

Health Care – I truly believe Health Care has become a right (and an economic necessity) for every citizen. Our nation and our culture has grown to the point where it’s not only desirable but doable. Leadership -Please find a way to lead on this issue.

I’ve always wondered how the insurance companies, publicly traded corporations with a fiduciary obligation to their shareholders to produce a profit, can square this mandate with providing health services that are in the best interest of the patient / insured.

Medicare – Increase the payroll tax rate – Health Cost has gone up so should our dues…hopefully this will put the focus on the COST not the payment… (BTW – Medicare is the best healthcare I’ve ever had…Maybe break the notion that single payer is bad and you may be able to have a true impact on healthcare for all….)

Taxes – I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes- I understand the need for funding government services (schools, infrastructure, defense, etc..) – The important word here is fair. It seems there is inequity between the wealthy and the rest of us. The American way -I am all for aspiring and obtaining wealth but there must be a fairness to this that does not dis-proportionally hurt the middle class or less fortunate. It was the middle class that has sustained (and defended) this country after all. To continue on this path of inequality will (is now) eventually tear apart the fabric of our country and is unsustainable. The wild west and gold rush days are behind us…

Social Security – Increase the wage base limit!!!! This is a no-brainer….

Defense – There’s no doubt it’s a scary world we live in – In and outside our borders…Leadership-please be SMART about this – Bullying existed, but never worked when I was growing up – there was always a tougher quite guy who would stare down the bullies. I am not naive to the threats, but suggest we position ourselves with strength not bravado..Diplomacy first please…

Immigration – Our freedom, universities, economy, technology companies, opportunities attract the best of the best. Don’t scare them away. Compassion please… especially with existing illegals. I know you guys are smart – figure this out….BTW -If I don’t want a wall built, do I still have to pay for of today, looks like the taxpayers are footing the 13-14 Billion dollar bill for this.  Just seems we could spend this money (Assuming we have it) in a much more productive way.  In someways, the immigrant realizes the value of citizenship more acutely then those of us who are birthrights.

Education – Like healthcare, this is a right in my mind. Educational mantra to live by.. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” There are a multitude of intelligence’s – adapt our educational system to this condition. Earned (not free) higher education…. And please – Wall street should NOT profit from our kids education needs…!!!

Foreign Policy /NATO – I lived thru the “Bay of Pigs” and “Duck and Cover” exercises- Scared me -and I presume a lot of people.  Once launched there may very well be no turning back….A delicate situation to say the least.  Strength comes from consistency not unpredictability.  We have always been the calming force in the world – don’t let that change.

Controversial war cost -500K+ American lives in Vietnam.  Just shy of 5k in Iraq.  PLEASE – this is NOT just ink on paper.  Whether you believe these interventions were justified or not…Let’s not allow our leadership to act in a way that puts your Son / Daughter / Father / Mother / loved one in harms way without reflection on this.

I also believe that where there is injustice in the world, we should identify it and position ourselves with our friends and allies to expose and aid those who are victims..

In the course of a day, in my children’s company,  they will know that Dad will inevitability tell them to ..”Be a Gentleman..or Be a Lady..”  Our discourse needs to be more civil as well as open to those whose opinions we may not agree with.  My opinions run deep but I will not stop listening to opposing views – For me this is so very important – it helps me understand others.  I assume their concerns are as valid to them as mine our to me.  I will not dismiss them.  I want to understand.

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