George is back…

George (Jorge) is back from his stay in Nicaragua. He left in late October of last year and returned home (Camden) the beginning of this April. We ran around Cooper River together this morning….

Photo of Cooper River Park - Collingswood, NJ, United States

I first met George a number of years ago. He was running around Cooper River (3.65 Miles) – I caught up to him and asked if he’d mind if I stayed on his shoulder. Happy to have the company, we began what has become a warm friendship. I know a little Spanish and George speaks English with a heavy accent requiring concentration by both of us while conversing. This tends to make our running time together fly by.

George is in his late 50s..maybe even early sixties by now..  I need to ask him next time I see him.  He runs around CR three of four times a week.  In the summer he’ll typically do two loops (sometimes three).  His pace is about ten minutes per mile but he can press when he wants to.

We talk about many things, but mostly life, health and family.  As most runners do, we talk about our injures and our running. George is also very religious, so occasionally our conversations are heavy with “God”.  I tend not to be religious, but when George decides he wants to talk about “God and Faith”, I politely listen with respect.  George has TWENTY grandchildren!  I kid him with challenges to name them all.  He can.  He also talks about values a lot.  Not righteousness, but fundamental values and how they are important to him in teaching his children and grandchildren.

George asked me to visit him in Nicaragua next year.  It most likely won’t happen but what a nice gesture.  Am glad George is back and look forward to many more runs together around CR. Am Glad George (Jorge) is my friend.

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  1. Running friendships are like no other. I’ve found that people we meet running we might not otherwise meet and I find they open new worlds for me.

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