I ran in the rain today – nothing like a rainy summer run…

Puddle… What a funny word…Puddle…Once 5’11” and 9 ½ shoe size, am now 5’ 9“ with a size 11 shoe….The longer I run , the older I get, the closer to a Puddle I am….It’s mortality that’s in my way, otherwise I’d eventually liquefy….and what a wonderful thought…  it happens just a the crest of a long down hill…..swish…..I’ll gather at the feet of my three granddaughters rippling from their laughter and consumed with JOY as they jump and splash….


PS -A tear for Charlottesville…….

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Old enough to know better
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2 Responses to Puddle

  1. Frank K. says:

    This made me laugh. Thanks.

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  2. Lovely thoughts. I hope you don’t liquefy anytime soon.

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